The wound is the place where the Light enters you.



Michael Kohnen, LMFT

Welcome to my website. I am a licensed psychotherapist working through tele-health. I specialize in adults going through life transitions. You may be challenged by loss, religious or spiritual transitions, depression, separation or divorce, mid-life changes, issues of aging and facing up to death. I can help you transform these into deeper explorations for personal growth and meaning.

I believe you have the answers to your own life questions. I am a patient and perceptive listener. Together we can start you on a unique path towards your desired changes.

I am a believer in holistic treatment. I try to include all aspects of the human being– physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. It’s not enough to deal with the emotions or to change thoughts and behaviors through talk therapy. Therapy must also deal with all the ways in which people interact with their world and their overall sense of being. Clients are guided toward self-awareness and then allowed to lead their own journey through self-discovery and healing.

I utilize a variety of tools, including psychodynamic work, cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths based and experiential approaches, meditation, mind/body connection, anxiety reduction, narrative and EFT tapping. Over the last 15 years of doing therapy my belief is that healing and wholeness happen when patients are understood and given a place to reveal their deep selves to another without judgment or shame.

I have experience with hospice, counseling for the military and working with 12 step people. I also completed a Master’s degree in Theology from Graduate Theological Union. I am an avid reader, both related to personal development and for fun. I practice meditation and Tai Chi daily. I am a constant and mindful gardener. I have a deep fascination with Near Death Experiences and other spiritually transformative experiences.

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